Getting healthy and losing fat for a lean body seems like the hardest job on earth. Nearly every diet plan you try is difficult to maintain as you are hungry or not satisfying enough. Simply cutting back on calories makes you feel hungry all day. Or if you are on one of those programs that nearly eliminate all carbs and sugars, it feels like you deprive yourself of emotional satisfying needs. There has to be a better way to get lean body and at the same time feel satisfied with your food cravings right? What I have found that works best is focusing on healthy eating with just the right combination of proteins, carbs, fats, and sugars that will make you feel full and get a lean body that you are trying to achieve. There is a proven formula for the correct ratio in order to lose weight and get a lean body.

1. Proper protein is a key. Most people do not get the right amount of protein nor the right type of protein. Just eating more hot dogs and burgers is not the correct way to a lean body. You want a healthy type of protein like grilled fish and chicken along with adding natural whey protein.

2. Many diets try and restrict carbs, which in the short term has shown to lose weight. However, this is not the healthy long term approach as you need adequate carbs for fuel energy. You should limit the simply types of carbs and eat more complex carbs. Depending on how much cardio workouts you do each week depends on the amount of complex carbs you will require.

3. Many people think having very low amounts of fat in your diet is the answer. It's true you don't want to have high amounts of fats such as saturated fats. However, the key to fuel your way to a lean body is having adequate amounts of unsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. Using olive oil for cooking is one example of a beneficial fat

4. Reducing sugar intake is vital. Too much sugar stores easily as fat in your body and prevents you from having a lean body. In addition, sugar is an inflammatory agent in your body. 

‚Äč5. I like to drink plenty of red tea as that is the proven choice among teas for detoxifying your system and helps your reduce fat for a lean body.

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